Our Consultant : Aaron

Our Consultant : Aaron

CDI College B.A in Business Administration

My English teaching experience

I’m Aaron, and I’m from Canada. I’ve been teaching English for over six years, first in China and now in Taiwan. I enjoy the experience of idea and culture exchange that comes with it.

Teaching English at Speakup

The Speak Up experience can best be summed up by the word immersion. We offer an environment where you can focus on English all day if you choose to. I think this environment, where we speak English inside and outside of the classrooms helps students begin to formulate their own style of English and gives them the practice they need to retain their new skills.

Learning tips to ESL learners

The best tip that I can give to language learners is: practice, practice, practice! Only by practicing and reusing what we learn in the classroom will our new vocabulary and skills stick with us for future use.