Incomplete sentences 填空題
1. The study showed that smoking increases the risk of heart diseases ____ 400 percent.
in by at with
2. I _______ going to be there tomorrow afternoon.
be am will be will
3. He _______ lived overseas all his life.
has have had have been
4. You will ______ if we need more documents from you.
notify are notified be notified be notifying
5.Although measures have been introduced to discourage the use of mobile telephones inside the opera house, _______ effectiveness remains limited.
their they them they're
6. Once the berries are harvested, Green Fields Farms washes and packages the fruit for ______ to retail stores
distribute distributed distributional distribution
7. Unicorn Inc. ________ some 50 employees in various departments.
is comprised comprises makes up consists
8. Please _______ the bottom portion of your ticket as proof of purchase.
retain retaining retains retained
9.Mr. Adler is not available to meet today and ______ is Ms. Fizdale.
neither so either also
10.Laying off employees is just _______ to keep our company afloat, not the end.
mean a mean means a meaning
11."I am glad to announce that our merger with Re-Gen Biotech brought us ___________ growth over the past year.
exponential malicious mediocre substandard
12.Atlantis Software Company ________ its clients complete satisfaction with all its products.
guarantees requests admits agrees
13. Any customer who purchases from our website is entitled to a full ______ if they are not happy with our product.
renewal repay restore refund
14. Repairing the old dish washer would have ______ half as much as buying a new one.
lasted spent paid cost
15. _______ John ______ Alex are our stronger contenders in the office.
both...and either...or neither...nor none...between


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